Hello Berry and Waka Berry

I have been MIA. I know. I just don’t know what to do in life anymore besides enjoying it… haha~

((Back to the title))

I love frozen goods. Be it ice-cream, smoothie, shaved ice, and frozen yoghurt.

In South Africa, I had the luck to make my first DIY frozen yoghurt! ((Bless the place that opened the frozen yoghurt shop!))

So… I went to Rosebank, The Zone. 

I first went to Waka Berry with my one friend, then I went with my whole group of friends to Waka Berry.


My friend and I shared one frozen yoghurt since we ate too much for lunch.


Lol… looks disgusting here right? It was beautiful just a few bites before… ^^
Anyways… we chose the mango flavour, strawberry flavour and… I forgot the rest. I that I do remember was that the frozenyoghurt was SALTY. WTFudge?!


All these beautiful creations were by my friends and I~
I call this… Rainbow friendship!

At Waka Berry, they had the following flavours:

Strawberry Sorbet
Bubble gum

(They had quite a variety but… for some strange reasons… all of them tasted salty… except for the sorbets…)

All in all… Waka Berry was enjoyable! I definitely recommend everyone to go to their closest  DIY frozenyoghurt store and put your creativity into work!

Now as for Taiwan’s DIY frozen yoghurt—


This was where we (My sister, her friends and myself) shopped. I really loved the place! The price of the clothes were the cheapest that I ever came across in Taiwan! (By the way… I’ve only been in Tainan and Kao Shiung, haha)



The 6 flavours (As opposed to South Africa’s 6+ flavours!) 
Strawberry, Chocolate, Caramel, Green Apple, Original and green tea.


Oh my soul… now THIS is heaven. South Africa only offered sweets, chocolates, dried fruits, syrups and nuts. Whereas Taiwan offered all of the previously mentioned things BUT there are more…. QQ’s, jellies and peaches (Canned peaches but hey! It’s better than nothing! Plus… I friggin love canned peaches… :x)



Cute cups!


Before I forget—-
I friggin love Taiwan’s sweets. Look! GUMMY BEARS! SUGAR CONES! MOCHIS!
I over loaded my frozen yoghurt with mochis… 




Sad thing is… I love matcha… but… the matcha flavoured one tasted like bitter soda!
It’s always best to just go for the original…

At Hello Berry… you get 15% off (If I remember correctly…) your frozen yoghurt IF it is RAINING outside. 
I am loving it. 


Taiwan is—

Taiwan is:

Love (Because my father and sister are here, also… my baby cousins are here. All the food and clothes— I LOVE LOVE LOVE.)

Stressful (Because my mandarin is not up to par…. My mandarin is actually terrible…. So I am always stressed out and depressed whenever family members tease me)



I had my first taste of “mentaiko” just a few moments ago, which was my breakfast.

A mentaiko onigiri~


It tasted really good. I finally got a taste of it! I have been wondering for ages of what it tastes like! The first time I read about it was at Cheesie’s blog.

She is a super awesome blogger. My role model. She blogged about mentaiko at http://www.cheeserland.com

I love seafood, hence, I would naturally love mentaiko~

Are the normal fish eggs also mentaiko, the Taiwanese traditional and tried ones? ((No… I am not talking about caviars =_=, but… FYI I love caviar too!))
I shall take a picture and post about what I am talking about, when I do come across it again and if I don’t forget~

I think I can live off 7Eleven forever~ but the problem is… It is more costly than the common onigiri sold on the streets. T-T

A new environment waits ahead…

I was inactive for 2+weeks because… I went to visit my university~ It looks normal, like how all universities are meant to be, and I am partly excited to start my university life! For me it is a big jump because… I’ve been going to an all girl’s school since Grade 0.
I don’t have androphobia (The fear of boys) it’s just that I don’t feel comfortable mingling around with many male strangers. I am much more comfortable in an all girl environment… but it will have to change! ((Oh, in case you were wondering… I had a boyfriend before… but it didn’t go all that well… or maybe it did… but I just had to end the relationship… I shall blog about this in the future… //maybe//))

As I am jumping into the Medicine Career there are many things that I am worried about:

1. Will I be able to handle corpses? (Eeep! I hope they will only introduce the corpses… like… in 4 years time during studies… or better… NEVER)

2. Will I be able to cope with all the works? (Apparently there’s a lot of work… and no time for socialization… //not like I have a social life or anything like that… haha!//)

3. WILL I MAKE FRIENDS?! (I want friends~ But I prefer a small group of close friends than that of a huge group with no connections)

Instead of worrying… I think I should just focus on what I need to do… and that is… to enjoy life as it is now!

I find the change of environment a bit too extreme for me… but… I am sure I can cope… because I have been the “lone” wolf of the family.
You people are probably wondering from where am I moving from, and to where I am moving to.
From South Africa (A very biiiiiiiiiiig and spacious place) to China (Also a very biiiiiiiiiiiiiig spacious place but A LOT HIGHER DENSITY OF PEOPLE!)

I will have to give up the luxury of personal car transport and opt to cycling, walking, and public transports. (It won’t be that bad! I just need to get used to it! Looking to the bright side… I should be able to lose some weight?! RIGHT?! :D)
I will also have to endure all those smokers outside and inside of buildings… zomg… I really cannot handle the smell of cigarettes.
I will also have to dodge all the phlegm spitters… and phlegm decorated paths…

It is ok! Why?! Because I know that the world has created a brilliant journey for me! Therefore I shall believe in the world and face everything with a positive attitude!
So looking on the bright side of the new environment:

I will be able to go any where I want because of the convenient public transports! (Bless the invention of the metro!)
I can go shopping for ever! (Money please?! Haha~) It is a never ending shopping spree there!
I will get to learn a new language! CANTONESE! (Ah— I hope I will be able to juggle learning 2 different languages at once!)
I have my dear seniors there that will watch out for me~ It’s like having guardian angels~ (except in flesh x3)

I think I am ready to accept what the world/God has planned for me. I just gotta keep smiling and thinking positive!

To all those who are going into a new environment that is complete opposite to your current one, HEADS UP and SMILE, because everything is going to be fine!

I shall end this post with my all time favourite quote:

“If it’s not happy then it’s not the ending yet!”


Macarons: A macaron (French pronunciation: ​[makaˈʁɔ̃][1]) is a sweet meringue-based confectionery made with eggsicing sugargranulated sugaralmond powder or ground almond, and food colouring. It is also called Luxemburgerli.[2] The macaron is commonly filled with ganachebuttercream or jam filling sandwiched between two cookies. The name is derived from the Italian word maccarone or maccherone. — Quoted from Wikipedia.

Note: There is a different between a Macaron and a Macaroon!

Over the course of 2 years, I have tried to make some macarons.
For the first time, I made green tea macaron (matcha). They were a success! They looked perfect on the outside with no cracks, and they had ‘little foot’s!



ARE THEY NOT PRETTY?! YES! THEY ARE PRETTY! I was so surprised that my first try would be the most successful! (I made my first batch of macarons in 2011)

Here is another round of macarons…

Aha! I made another batch of matcha macarons. They are all NG macarons….




I made more macarons. This time… Strawberry flavoured ones…


Not very pretty…
DSCN6354    DSCN6364



Tada~ Weird macaron, completed!

Then in August… I made the most yummiest coffee macarons!

DSCN7547 DSCN7550 DSCN7557 DSCN7558 DSCN7561

The bitterness of the coffee made the macarons not too sweet! I think the size was perfect for a mouth bite!
This is by far my most favourite flavoured macarons~

When I get back to Taiwan… I will continue baking macarons! Why? Because I have more people to share them with!

River Rafting

Last year April… I went on an epic adventure! I went to the Orange River for river rafting! If I could go river rafting again… then… I WOULD TOTALLY DO SO!

This river rafting adventure was crucial for me in order to complete my GOLD President’s Award. However…. despite completing it… I didn’t hand in my journal to claim the certificate of having to complete the Gold President’s Award. Many of my friends were like “Why didn’t you hand in your journal?! You could have gotten the award!” etc etc.

In all honesty… I only joined for the experience… not the IDEA of having that beautiful piece of paper stuck up on my wall (Heck… or even lost…). I never regretted anything when I joined the President’s Awards. The President’s Awards is an international thing. So all you folks reading this right now might want to think about joining it! It truly is an experience of a life time!

The most memorable part of the Gold President’s Award for me was… the River Rafting… (DUH). I really have a thing for these things because… I am born as a talented sport person //true story//. 

The journey began from Johannesburg, to Cape Town, and lastly, Namibia. 
We took the plane from Johannesburg to Cape Town. The ride was horrible… because when the airplane took off it was a terribly bumpy ride, and white smoke/fog appeared magically inside the airplane. (I was thinking that it was the cloud… but some thought that the airplane was malfunctioning…). Everyone was in frenzy and it seemed like I was the only calm one… (Including the pilots). The person in the seat next to me kept ringing for the air hostess and he was muttering the ‘beautiful’ F word each second, increasing the tempo and dynamic each passing split second. I really wanted to strangle him…. After 10 minutes… everyone was calm. I was just happily reading my book whilst ignoring the whole commotion during the panicking 10 minutes, minus the guy next to me… cause he surely was making a friggin huge ruckus.

After we arrived at Cape Town SAFELY, we (Other girls and 2 teachers) waited patiently for our bus to arrive. I was expecting those tiny mini bus, but to my surprise and praise… we were granted to ride in this —— Image


I was able to see the glorious night skies with dazzlings stars!


Praise mother earth! The bus was super cosy and I had 3 seats all to myself~! I was the happiest person alive that day! The bus ride lasted for… 7 hours? I slept all the way through… and woke up in between and stared out the window… pretending to be some girl from a sad love story MV… (Just kidding).

Anyways! We eventually got to our camp site! Felix United! Our first night was to be spent outside. Literally. Sleeping bag + grass + bushes + insects. We had an option of using tents… but… I didn’t like the idea of waking up extra early in the morning to pack away the tent so… my group slept ‘tent-less’.


Despite the cold, everything was worth it! My friends and I socialized whilst looking at the glorious skies showing the most dazzling stars ever! If given the chance… I would definitely love to do this again.

We woke up at… around 6. We packed away all our things. My friend, K claimed that the dog was irritating and scary last night. I was: “????? There was a dog??? *insert disbelieving face*” and everyone replied, “HECK YES!”
They thought it was a Hyena… luckily it wasn’t…. I was so glad that the dog only came after I fell asleep cause… I would be totally freaked out… 



Our surroundings looked like Slender man can appear out of no where….

Ratatata~ This is how the place looked like in the morning.


A really beautiful place~ 

So we began our morning with putting our possessions in buckets, to keep them dry if our canoe ever tips over. I present you… my awesome bucket—
Hot ‘n Cold Abs. The previous owner of this bucket has a great sense of humour. I didn’t erase the name of the bucket cause it is just too awesome.

Tralalala. We were then taken down to meet our fellow canoes~ Image


Before we even get to choose our canoe… we had to partner up with someone. I was supposed to partner up with my asian buddy but… she decided to ditch me for her friend. I was glad she did because… I got to be with the most awesome person ever! My biology teacher~ So if anything happens to me… my teacher will be there by my side to help me! The teacher is also much more reliable than my asian buddy, sorry my dear… (if you are reading this…) 

My teacher and I wanted the green canoe but… another pair claimed it before we could, sad. Okies. So we loaded everything in the canoe and started to paddle off on the whim because we were too cool to listen to the lectures. Haha.

Reality. We were all called to the side, underneath a canopy (Heck… I don’t know what it is called…) and we learnt about the most important things.

“When you want to go left, paddle on the right hand side”
“When you want to go right, paddle on the left hand side”
“Bla bla—“

The instructor rambles on. As I am typing this… I can’t remember a thing… but all that I do remember was that there were two questions that we were not allowed to ask…

1. “What time is it?”

2. “Are we there yet?” (To the next base camp)

and if we did ask any of the questions the answer will always be…:

1. “Quarter to or Quarter past!”

2. “Just around the corner”


I seriously loved our guides, three guys, cause they had a great sense of humour.

So after all the introductions and paddling instructions we got in our canoe!
But before that… my teacher and I just had to take some selcas… haha.


(This is the first time I revealed myself… haha. Nice to meet you all… I am just an asian with no stereotypical asian qualities. Yes, I suck at maths.)

Fear me! I have an oar in my hand! I hold the powers! Okies… enough…

I sat in the front seat~ At first I was reluctant to because… the front seat is better than the back seat (because of the view and all that) so the teacher had to sit there. My teacher was so kind and insisted me to sit in the front seat. I felt super happy and touched. I love this teacher.


One last picture of our canoes before we set off~
(My teacher and I claimed the yellow canoe)

The first obstacle was to pass the mini rapid… It was a lot harder to paddle than I thought! The guide said that our canoe must not be perpendicular to the rapid’s flow otherwise— we will tip over. 

Obstacle number 1. Do not tip over. Challenge accepted.
*Paddle paddle*
Mission complete!

No one tipped over at the first rapid. Sad… Haha~
(Searches for pictures of the first obstacles.) Even more sad… I don’t have a picture to show you of the rapid.





Keep paddling!



Because my teacher and I were so awesome, we paddled to look at the beautiful rocks.
The reflections of ripples on the walls of the rock were so beautiful~ I would have loved to look at how it looks during sun set!



We arrived at our first base camp. We all went for a dip in the river. It felt so refreshing~
We had lunch, group A had to help the guide’s first. 

We set off again~

The landscapes were amazing!



Reminded me of those yummy chocolate logs I had when I was a toddler.



A mini rapid. That my beloved asian buddy and her new partner tipped over in. Haha~ (I am going call her K and J)
K and J were the first to tip over out of the 8 teams.

This picture was taken by the Guide, M. I think it is called the Orange Witches? I can’t remember… All that I do know is that.. I regretted not waking up early enough to see this with my own eyes.

Oh… the guides had to chase a horde of baboons away from our territory. It was pretty funny since a guide took a pan and a huge wooden spoon and scare it away by doing a funny dance… and making lots of noises. 


How our campsite looks… We had to pitch our own tents…
Bath in the river with eco-friendly shampoo and body wash
Brush our teeth in the bushes…
Drink water from the river…

We were really living like nomads. Haha~


Look at that gorgeous water bird~

We found a dead leopard… from a biological perspective… it was beautiful since the bones were intact and the fur! The fur was so smooooooooooth!

Ending my post here— I might resume it when I fish out all those picture worthy photos on facebook—

//goes on a stalking mission//


When someone owes you money…

This is a pretty negative post… but… I just really can’t help myself anymore…

How do you deal with people who ran away with your money (Or your parents money!URHG!).

This was what happened to me…
Last year Mid June. I decided to get myself a nice birthday present, a basketball because I love basketball and I wanted my team to sign on the ball. I sms’ed my coach and she arranged a ball for me for the price of R150. 

R150 is A LOT OF MONEY. (I only get like… R200 a year… from the ang bao…)

So one day I delivered the money to my coach. She reassured me that I will get the ball within the next week. 

A week passed and I didn’t get my basket ball. She told me she was sick. Okies… So I waited for another week. Still didn’t get my ball, this time she told me that she was DEAD SICK and that she was in the hospital. 

Then school got me…. I placed the basketball issue aside for 3 months. In between my exam time I slid in a SMS and told her to please get me the ball… or else I want my money back. She replied saying that she has the ball but she has to deliver it to me some how. I was like “Okies” and she arranged to have the ball dropped off at my school’s reception or something. ANOTHER TWO MONTHS PASSED. I was writing my final exams and I haven’t received my ball.

I gave her my bank account number in August. I STILL DIDN’T RECEIVE THE MONEY!


WHAT THE FUDGE?!?!?!?!?!

I am STILL waiting for the money!
This time… I told my mother the whole story, and naturally she is VERY upset because she never expected a WORKING ADULT to do this to a STUDENT, and she called my coach’s number.

My coach didn’t answer when we dialed her number with my mother’s phone. I had a hint that it’s because I used to call her with my mother’s phone back in the old days when this whole money issue didn’t happen, therefore she saved my mom’s contact on her phone. But then again… I shouldn’t judge people like that because there is no evidence.

So then… my mother used her NEW number and called coach and guess what?
SHE FRIGGIN ANSWERED. HOWEVER, because my mother’s English is CHINGLISH, one can immediately conclude that it is an Asian lady on the phone. This was the coversation (everything was on loud speaker)

Mom: Hello? Is this (Coach’s name) ?
Coach: Hello?
Mom: Hello? Is this (Coach’s name) ?!
Coach: … I can’t hear you… I will call you back

Oh and she never called back.
This conversation took place THIS MORNING. Now it is past noon. 

Really… WHAT THE FUDGE?! Is it that hard to return someone’s money when you have that person’s bank account information?! 


Do any of you have any tips or advice on how to deal with people like this?!

//Rant end//